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Lefkada is one of the most popular destinations in the world for vacation! The most impressive beaches are on the west side of the island. The main beaches in Lefkada are the following: St John - Miloi  - Petra  (North Lefkada)  : Three beautiful beaches with turquoise waters near the town of Lefkada. Porto Katsiki  (South-west Lefkada): One of the most popular beaches  of Lefkada. The thin strip of white sand is just under the shadow of the imposing vertical white rock. Egkremnoi (South-west Lefkada): One of the best beaches in Lefkada. The beach is very large in size with beautiful white sand. Gialos (South-west Lefkada): A long beach with crystal clear waters and stunning scenery. Kathisma (West Lefkada): Long beach with emerald waters and white sand. It is one of the most famous beaches in Lefkada. St. Nikitas (North-west Lefkada): Small beach with crystal clear waters and white sand. Kalamitsi (West Lefkada): Fantastic beach with white sand, turquoise waters and large rocks in the sea. Mikros Gialos (South-east Lefkada): Beautiful and quiet beach with white pebbles and calm turquoise waters. Basiliki (South Lefkada): Large sandy beach with shallow waters, the top beaches in the world for surfing. Agiofilli (South Lefkada): A special beach with turquoise waters and white pebbles under the shadow of a steep cliff. Milos (North-west Lefkada): One of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada thanks to the beautiful turquoise waters and sand. Ammoglossa (North Lefkada): A small stripe  of white sand that enters the sea with crystal clear waters. Pefkoulia (North Lefkada): Two beaches separated by some rocks, coarse sand, pebbles and crystal clear waters. Nikiana (East Lefkada): Small and quiet family beach with sand and calm sea. Nidri (East Lefkada): Small cosmopolitan beach with clear blue water and pebbles.
Beaches of the Lefkada  you have to visit
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