Activities in Lefkada

There are many activities you can do in Lefkada from kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, hiking or cycling to more adventurous ones like paragliding or diving.


The kitesurf comes from a combination of many other sports (windsurfing, waterski, wakeboard, paragliding) and in a sense it could be considered the natural evolution of windsurfing, since the use of lighter equipment offers you unlimited possibilities in the rider. The rider uses a small boat, driving while holding the boom, connected with long ropes to the kite

The key feature that distinguishes the kitesurf, is the force of lift ,  the third force that has been added, in which the rider can use to pull the kite up, to perform high jumps and consequently impressive maneuvers.


The island is a paradise of windsurfing. The  beach of St. John, which ranks among the top three in Europe, together with the beach of Basiliki  cover almost all needs of worldwide sports friends.

The area of the Ionian Sea in the summer months “cooled” by thermal winds (mistral). The winds together with the morphology of the area to which they relate, is the cause for the great statistics of air, allowing surfers to take off to new tricks and maneuvers


Nowadays, those who discover a different Lefkada using a yacht is increasingly more.

The  island of Lefkada has some surprises for modern Robinsons, with impressive coves, picturesque fishing villages and white sandy beaches, many of them not accessιble from the land.


The island of Lefkada is a place for  bicycle. Starting from the island’s capital, Lefkada, with a bike very easily you can meet throughout the city and surroundings. You can pedal the historic center and reach the beaches around the island.

The island is ideal for mountain biking. The hinterland of the island is lush with tall mountains and picturesque villages, full of trails that bring the rider closer to nature, discovering amazing places.

There are organized clubs  mountain biking programs operating in many parts of the island. In the town of Lefkada, Nidri and Vassiliki there are bicycle rental agencies that can provide everything necessary to explore the island by riding.

Pent Parachute

Τhe paragliding  got its name from the French words parachute  (parachute ) and pent ( slope ). It is the simplest form of flight. The  operator take off of a cliff and operates air currents to prolong his flight down before landing. 

At Lefkada the  flight with paraglider is with double parachute and experienced operator. Anyone who decides to live this experience, after a memorable flight will make an exciting landing on Kathisma, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

Scuba Diving

The enchanting sea of Lefkada and the undersea wealth is a lifetime experience  and gives indelible images to diving lovers. At Nikiana, Nidri and Vassiliki there are  Diving center who organized incredible diving excursions. 

The diving centers offer all diving opportunities accompanied by qualified divers and specialties: dive, discover scuba, first aid courses and diving all forms such as deep diving ( 30. ), Wall diving , etc.

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